September 17th 2016

Thank You

Magnifique News

Thank You

This weekend, we united for one final summer adventure at the inaugural Magnifique Experience…

We returned to the breathtaking Gorge Amphitheater to end this summer the same way it began: together, on the hill…Thoroughly absorbed in the incomparable fusion of energy only this place can hold.

This summer has been filled with impactful memories, splendid adventures, life-changing performances, and beautiful friendships! Tonight we witnessed the sun descend on the incredible summer of 2016. Autumn presents fresh opportunity for new beginnings and more memories to be made. The experiences we’ve shared this year have been indescribable – this weekend we let go of the warm summer days as we welcomed the crisp renewal of fall.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us. It takes every one of you to create the #UnitedStateofConsciousness – you are USC.

This is Magnifique. See you next year.

P.S. – Hope you all are ready for the Twentieth anniversary of FreakNight Festival…Our Sinister Circus is just around the corner.

Thank You