September 17th 2016

Visual Art

Visual Art

Magnifique Visual Artwork Submissions


Magnifique will be an immersive environment, full of expression and inspiration. We welcome you to come, create, and be a part of this special experience!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the inaugural year of our beloved Magnifique 2016!

As you prepare your proposals to submit art for this year’s event, please keep the following information in mind:

Visual Art
Visual Art

Interactive Art Installations & Visual experiences that will transform the beautiful Gorge during both daylight and after dark.

Art Installations should of course have some form of illumination. I mean, who doesn’t love pretty lights?

The Gorge is such a beautiful place, but It can also be a very harsh, unpredictable environment. We ask that all artful experiences be able to withstand wind, rain, dust and any other natural occurrences.

Deadlines & Important Dates:

  • Visual Art applications close on: August 30th 2016 (Some exceptions)
  • All art installations will be on accepted and/or considered based on the order submitted.
  • All artists will be contacted on August 15th 2016 at the latest. (In some cases, artists will be contacted earlier)
  • Artists & Crew will need to be on site at the Gorge for load, in by Thursday Sept 15th 2016 for a technical dry run.
  • All installations that are over 8’ will need site specific engineering to ensure the health and safety of our patrons (Contact for questions)


Power is available and will be provided as a part of your artful experience at Magnifique! Please let the Magnifique team know in advance what your power needs are.


All artists must provide their own transportation for all Art Installs, to and from the festival. The art must arrive & leave the times within the timeline given, in advance by the festival.


Magnifique 2016 is a camping festival! Your crew must provide the necessary provisions for the weekend. Artists must also supply their own tools, lifts, etc.

To submit your artwork for display at Magnifique 2016, please email with your portfolio.

Visual Art